My Mother City Top 5


I lived in Cape Town for five years while I was studying and my experience there was phenomenal. The natural beauty of the landscape alone is breath-taking. From the mighty Table Mountain, to the colourful nation of Kirstenbosch Gardens , beautiful wine farms, the historic Robben Island and more!

As a student, I wanted to explore as much as possible but with a tight budget I had to find places that would allow me to without going broke.  Here’s the top 5 things I did and places I went to that made my stay in Cape Town Memorable and perhaps maybe if you also explore them, you will share the same sentiments.

1.Lion’s Head Hike 

One of my biggest accomplishments was making it to the top of Lion’s Head. Even though going uphill and climbing rocks was a bit of a mission,  looking down on the beauty of Cape Town was fulfilling.

When I made it to the top of Lion’s Head

To tackle Lion’s Head, I suggest you got with a group of friends, either in the early morning or late evening. It’s fun and exciting and also a good way to stay fit.

2. Let’s take it o the Beach

How can one visit Cape Town without going to the beach? Actually that should be mandatory, unless you are not into salty water. haha!

My favourite beach to visit is Clifton 4th. simply because it is small and intimate.  Well, during peak seasons, it may get full but you will certainly get your peace of mind if you go there.

One of my visits to Clifton 4th Beach

The second coolest beach to visit is Muizenberg Beach. I simply love the beach for its colourful houses. You will certainly love it if you are a surfer, as it a surfer’s haven: windy and wavy!

Feeling colourful outside one the Muizenberg Colourful Houses

3. Beau Constantia Wine Farm

I’ve been to a lot of wine farms, but Beau Constantia is by far my favourite farm to visit. It is situated on a hill, overlooking the green Constantia terrain. The tasting space is small and intimate guaranteeing you a great personal experience.

Their wines are amazing, my favourite being Aidan, named after the owner’s child.  They also serve the best cheese platters and they are quite affordable. So I suggest you  make a reservation for a visit soon!

Wine Tasting at Beau Constantia ( Aidan is my favourite!)

4. UCT Upper Campus

This recommendation sounds very unbiased because I am a UCT Alumni  but UCT Upper Campus is a Beaut! Having been voted as on of the top 3 most beautiful universities in the WORLD! I suggest you take a short left to see the beauty of a campus that is situated on the slopes of Devil’s Peak.

I will forever treasure this place as it gave me a new meaning to life, I met great people and of course got my Engineering degree here.

UCT upper Campus

5.   First Thursdays

This is the ultimate coolest initiative ever! First Thursdays is an “event” that takes places in Cape Town CBD every first Thursday of the month.  Art Galleries, Fashion Boutiques and Restaurants open longer than normal days and allow people to view and explore the art space.  The exploration is totally free and it’s a great space to mingle with other creatives.

Oh did I meant that there art galleries make the experience even more fun by selling a wine glass at a donation fee (meaning you determine what it costs). Exciting!

At one of the participating galleries on First Thursdays

So dear friends, go and explore the Mother City. There are a million and one things to do in this city located on the Southern tip Africa.  Remember to stay safe when you explore and don’t drink and drive.




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