Days in Blue

Hey friends,

Oh my! I have been away for such a long time:(. Well it has been for a good reason. This year has really been hectic for me. I moved to a new city and started a new job. Settling in on both has been quite stressful but I promise to give you more posts from now on.


So friends, this is me saying that I am back and will be giving you more posts soon… Continue reading “Days in Blue”


Let’s Dress Up

Preppy style is probably low key my signature style. If a dress is sleek and elegant I’m on it. If a skirt can show my curves well and it’s not to short then that’s for me. Both completed with a nice pair of heels. So picking an outfit for this blog was effortless for me as it was influenced by my personal style.

I teamed up with menswear curator  Katlego Molaolwa to give a classic formal look.

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